Fused Glass Concepts and Creative Designs

About Us

My creative space –
For the last 6 years, I have experimented with fused glass concepts and personalised creative designs.
Incorporating my artwork into fused glass products, I also produce fabric printed products and wood elements as combinations to further accentuate my own and other creative designs.
My products are very functional for daily use and or creative display purposes only. The flexibility allows for personal choice for a single product as artwork, or a combination of fused glass, printed fabrics and wood designs to echo a theme where required.
Fused glass is a moving material, which have the personality to move in its own way during the fusing stages of creation – it, also have the ability to change in the way we appreciate it when looking at it from different angles and light reflections.
My inspiration with the printed fabrics was born from the idea to extend the theme of the original fused glass art pieces.
I love what I am doing by creating products that are unique in many ways – and aim to reach similar creative souls to appreciate them!